Sweet ChiChi

For those who have been following the journey of little ChiChi we have good news. Board member and foster Leslie Gallo was by her side throughout the surgery and provided this report. Many thanks to all who sent prayers, good wishes and donated for her care! We at Kitty Kat Haven are truly humbled and grateful for your support.

Hi everybody, below is ChiChi. It was a spectacular surgery conducted at Holmes Feline Clinic with Dr. Holmes and Dr. Haley F. Burke assisting to round out the incredible Team ChiChi! Jenn Holmes the wonder-tech assisting and Chelsea and Hannah provided tons of moral support and lots of attention to surgical details. ChiChi had a large portion of her intestines removed because they were horribly distended and constricted at the colon. It was a mess in there. Conventional wisdom was that this was the cause of her digestion, nutrient absorption, and bowel issues and contributing to her lack of development. She is recovering now and we are all crossing our fingers that she is going to be good to go and will start a normal life soon. The surgery was absolutely incredible, a huge thank you to both doctors.

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